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Who Are We and Who We Aspire To Be?

Food & Beverages company dedicated to source and distribute authentic and sustainably-farmed products with certified origins. We are committed to the wellbeing of our clients and the success of our suppliers and partners.

Our vision is of a world where authentic, naturally-grown and fully traceable food is abundant and accessible to all people; a world where food is cultivated, preserved and distributed with consumers' health and well-being in mind; a world where small local farmers can not only survive but thrive and where innovation is leveraged to promote biodiversity and sustainable farming practices.

Our Five-Pronged Mission Statement

1.   Promote authenticity and traceability to inform and empower

2.  Connect consumers with farmers to promote healthier eating

3.  Commit to clear nutritional information and education

4.  Incentivize small-scale and cooperative farming models

5.  Promote biodiversity while reducing food carbon footprint

Our First Brand - A Limited Selection of Some of the Finest Artisanal Italian Olive Oils!

We have received our precious cargo of ENTIMIO® olive oils, a selection of some of the finest artisanal Italian olive oils from last harvest (Oct-Nov 2017).  With three olive oils from Tuscany and one EVOO from Southern Lazio, ranging from medium-delicate to medium-robust fruitiness, we can satisfy all culinary needs. These are all authentic, healthy, fruity and fresh extra virgin olive oils.

We are committed to transparency and accountability and seek to reward the best producers and to satisfy the most demanding consumers. We care about nutrition and healthy eating.


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